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Wealth Building Tools

We're working behind the scenes to build tools that will help grow your wealth and manage your finances. In addition to evaluating real estate, soon you'll be able to track your money, plan for retirement and more!

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The creators of some of our best stuff live in here. They're smart, driven people with a lot of knowledge and a passion to share. From Business Building to Budget Meals, you'll be able to bounce ideas off of other like-minded people.


We're experts, finance nerds and newbies dedicated to answering tough money questions. When you fall off the financial wagon, we'll help you get back on. We're the friends you can trust and count on.

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Rich Tips: We bring our guests back on to dig into their favorite resources and insights on life, business and money.
Ask Anything: Laura and Andrew answer some of the most interesting questions on money and life sent in by you.

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Want Andrew's Net Worth tracking spreadsheet? Need the historical mortgage rates since 1971 to do nerdy things with? You'll find all that and more inside.

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Become educated, educate others and support education. Help close the financial knowledge gap. Learn by talking, master by teaching. Be the agent of change.

We're the friends you can talk shop with.

I love being a part of the LMM Community! It's a diverse group of kind and knowledgeable people who are always willing to provide feedback on ideas, discuss financial progress, or just talk about a great book. You are a product of the people you surround yourself with and I am glad that I include these people as part of my surroundings!

Learn from others who are dealing with similar issues as you. Help someone who is one step behind you in their journey, and share your own process with them. Connect with entrepreneurially minded people too, and be inspired to move your life forward. There’s nothing to prove here, but so much to benefit from.

It's nice to know that there is a place to run to if you hit a snag in the financial road. Nothing beats collective wisdom and encouragement to do better with your money than a diverse Community striving to do the same. The Community is not only a place to talk money, it's a place for support and networking. You never know who you might meet, job you might take or word of advice you might hear that might help you in your pursuit of financial prowess!